Halloween Cyberman Costume

My son wanted to go as a 1967 Doctor Who Cyberman for Halloween this past year. I have been meaning to take a good photograph of it, but part of the costume went missing. This will have to do.

He insisted the Cyberman be the design from “The Tomb of the Cybermen.”

Since prehistoric times children have huddled behind couches and boulders from the spooky Doctor Who theme music. My son was no different. His first complete story was “The Macra Terror,” a black and white second Doctor story from 1967. None of the episodes still exist, so we watched a telesnap reconstruction instead. (A telesnap reconstruction is like a slide show of screen shots from the original broadcast combined with the actual program audio. In this case it had brief fragments of footage mixed in, taken from censor clips and film recorded directly off the TV in 1967.) This was perfect: without motion he found it compelling but not terrifying. He immediately followed up with “The Celestial Toymaker” from 1966, of which only the final episode survives. He liked that one too, and soon graduated to full motion stories. He is not allowed to watch much TV though, so has only seen a handful of others.