Major new release of Marginalia for Moodle

I have uploaded a major new December 2008 version of Marginalia for Moodle. You can download it at the Google Code site. This release is Beta: it is feature-complete but has not been fully tested. If you run into problems installing the software1 or if it behaves erratically, please – let me know! My email address is displayed on my home page.

Among the changes in this release:

  • a significant fix for a bug that could cause highlights to be confused or margin notes to be displayed in the wrong places
  • support for Safari and Internet Explorer 7
  • a new feature to make it easy to quote from posts and annotations when writing new forum posts in Moodle
  • autocompletion for margin notes (replacing the previous “tags” feature)
  • an enhanced summary page with a simplified user interface
  • better Moodle integration with a simpler install procedure

For more detail on the changes, see the release notes for December 2008.


1 I notice the release I silently uploaded last night has already been downloaded twice. I’m afraid the installation was broken – sorry! If you find the install process doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, please contact me. Install issues can fall through the cracks. They are often quite simple for me to remedy, saving trouble for you and for anyone else who downloads the software.