Marginalia stand-alone release with new features

I have released a new stand-alone version of Marginalia, my web annotation system. This includes many of the improvements made for the Open Journal Systems annotation plug-in (which I have not yet released publically). Among the improvements:

  • Marginalia is much, much faster when dealing with long documents, making it a feasible technology even for documents running to scores of pages or longer.
  • Readers can associate hyperlinks with annotations. These links appear as icons within the annotated text.
  • Margin notes can be chosen from a predetermined list as an alternative to entering them as freeform text (a button toggles between the input modes, and Marginalia remembers the previous choice of mode).
  • Numerous improvements to the source code.

Unfortunately, the new version has broken support for Internet Explorer, and I haven’t yet fixed that. For now, this is Firefox-only.

These features were made for the OJS plug-in, and were made possible by Dr. Rick Kopak’s “Navigating Information Spaces” project at the University of British Columbia, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Chia-ning Chiang and John Willinsky have also been essential in getting the OJS port project off the ground.