Annotation Release

I have uploaded a new version of web annotation for Moodle, with the following changes:

  • Users can now view all annotations for a single course. Previously, there was an option to view all (public or owned) annotations everywhere in the system. This was bad because in a big system it could produce an unwieldy but unhelpful list.
  • The database query for annotations is faster and more efficient, at the cost of adding a bit of redundant Moodle-specific data to the database. The previous version performed complex string comparisons to find out which annotations belonged to a post or discussion; this might have bogged down in systems with many annotations.
  • I completed localization support for the summary page.
  • The code includes untested support for teacher and author access modes (allowing a student, for example, to create an annotation that only a teacher can see). This feature is disabled because of the complexity it adds to the interface.
  • Annotation highlight display is faster. This was an update previously available in the stand-alone version.

The stand-alone version is unchanged.