Justify Invading Canada

In John Ibbitson’s Globe column on Tuesday1, he provided what appears to be an argument in favor the invasion of Canada if we were to limit oil exports to the United States (emphasis mine):

Such favouritism would be impossible, unless the Canadian government were to formally withdraw from NAFTA, and then adopt and energy policy that favored petroleum exports to other nations while imposing restrictions on exports to the United States. At which point, U.S. officials would either complain to the World Trade Organization or simply invade. In either case, who would blame them?

Wow. Just wow.

The next day, the paper printed some letters disagreeing with the thrust of the article. There was no mention of Ibbitson’s extraordinary suggestion.


1 “Talking tough to U.S. is popular, until it costs you a job”, The Globe & Mail, 2005-10-11, A4.