OS X 10.3.9, or Saved by the Blogosphere

I just installed the Mac OS X 10.3.9 update. This was unwise. My text editor of choice, jEdit, crashed every time I tried to run it. Normally I wait a while to install the latest update, but this time I miscalculated – it turns out the update was released only a couple of days ago. This was disastrous; right now, I can’t afford to be without my text editor.

Thank goodness for the blogosphere: it just moved from entertaining and educational to essential. A quick search for “10.3.9 java” in Technorati immediately revealed that I am not alone, and this kind soul has instructions about how to remedy the problem1. He also has a couple of words for Apple, who should never have released an update on a Friday.


1 I see now that Google could have helped me also, but the information was time-sensitive, and the quality of Technorati’s results was much higher.