New Hosting & Improvements

I just changed hosting providers to TextDrive. So far I’m very pleased. However, I am continuing to work out details and kinks as I go. For example, some styles and images were missing for the code section, and some files had incorrect permissions and have been returning 403 Forbidden. I am fixing these as they are encountered. I also noticed that the license link on photo pages can’t be clicked on. I will continue to make small fixes and changes as I find the time.

Other improvements are waiting for a good moment. I have implemented SHA1 digests for my site generation code, but I haven’t uploaded the changes. This means I now auto-generate an FTP script of any page which has changed and needs to be uploaded (this technique is a bit slow, but is superior because it never misses anything, but doesn’t waste time on files with new timestamps but no changes).

Other user interface improvements will arrive eventually, along with the long-awaited conclusion to my series on email.