Feed Headaches and Upgrades

You may notice I’ve expanded my RSS to a complete feed in HTML (the old feed was a plaintext feed of the first paragraph of each post).

I noticed a month or so ago that Technorati no longer seemed to be indexing my Atom feed. Bloglines was happy with it, but I couldn’t get it to work with Technorati. I figured perhaps it was because I’m serving the wrong content type (a big no-no I really intend to deal with once I get around with changing hosting providers), as this was the only validation test the feed failed.

I have run into troubles before. When I implemented Atom, Bloglines rejected perfectly good XML. It seems their parser didn’t recognize namespace prefixes, so my <html:p> tags were simply being stripped (I don’t know if this has been fixed).

Anyway, I finally got fed up with the situation. To make RSS work, I had to escape all of the embedded HTML – something I hate to do to perfectly good XML, and something XSLT is equally loathe to do. But now I’m running on Mac, so plugging Perl into my ant script is that much easier. I’m ditching the partial RSS feed while I’m at it; as far as I know, the vast majority of people prefer full feeds.