Kudos to Imperial Parking

Blogs often criticize, but it’s equally important to praise those who act honorably. So I’m happy to have something good to say about Imperial Parking. I asked them to do the right thing about what I felt was an unjust ticket. To their credit, they did.

I received the ticket while attending Northern Voice. None of the dispensers at the gate offered a ticket; seeing no other indication and a raised gate (when I reached the last dispenser their sign was behind me) I figured I was expected to pay the attendant the flat rate on the way out, as at other lots. I didn’t see any other signs or ticket machines, although there should be one because that’s the sign said when I read it going out. After nine hours at the conference, I was rather shocked to find a ticket (I’ve never received a parking or traffic ticket of any kind before). Here’s the end of the letter I sent:

I am enclosing two checks: one for $13, which I believe is what I owe, another for $26.96 (total: $39.96). I request that you do the right thing: cash the first and return the second. Fighting back and forth is not worth my time. I look forward to your reply, and intend to record it – good or bad – on the Internet (and notify the Better Business Bureau if appropriate). Of course, I also suggest you improve the signage at Robson Square.

Today I received a form letter, along with my returned check for $26.96.