Quotes and Notes from Northern Voice

Here are some of the more interesting quotes and notes I jotted down during the presentations at Northern Voice. The quotes are really paraphrases (I would make an awful secretary); I apologize for any errors or omissions.

“I remember when I realized my students didn’t know the Cold War happened.” – Bryan Alexander

“Personal publishing should be like water or electricity.” – Stephen Downes

“The blog form has crystallized for a little while, but it’s going to heat up and melt and turn into something else.” – Seb Paquet

“The only things we can have knowledge of in the world are the things we are emotional about.” – Stowe Boyd

Stephen Downes talked about how his blog posting often look at the same subject from different perspectives: he said the structure of blogs in holographic.

A woman in Julie Leung‘s Making Masks made a good case for comparing blogging to religion.

Paul Stacey at the session on the Bloggers as Citizen Journalists asked whether there are parallels in blogs to elements of literature, such as character, narrative, or setting. I think this is terribly interesting, and makes me think of the many experiments in using blog, wiki, and other net technology for online role-playing games.

A researcher in the audience for the Blogging in Academia session talked about how his group uses them to issue research results as they become available, both within the group and beyond it. They can then gather comments and insight from other researchers before they complete their work. This is brilliant, like a scientific agile programming methodology.