Portraits & Creative Commons

I have gone through all my photo pages and removed the Creative Commons licenses for portraits. It suddenly occurred to me the that photos of people are different: I don’t want some random person or group using my likeness without my consent. I’m sure many other people feel the same way. The issue never crossed my mind when I changed my scripts to add Creative Commons licenses to my photo pages. It strikes me this is easy to overlook; I am sure I am not the only one. Creative Commons is a noble project, but the implications are not as straightforward as they first appear. As far as I know, my brother is the only person using any of my people pictures.

One other Creative Commons issue: I have been considering offering a choice of licensese, either by-nc or by-sa. One of the most effective ways to expand the commons is to increase its worth; by-sa makes it valuable to companies. While I want them to be free to use commons material, without a better understanding of the impact I do not want them to appropriate it; the viral share-alike clause must stay. Of course I will consider requests for alternate licensing.