Don't Look Now

The second half of the movie left me cold, but the first is a beautiful delight. Cindy pointed out it’s like a Tarkovsky film with water and the sound of rain, a white horse in a field, and mirrors everywhere. The way the film intercuts scenes, or shows a bit of the future mixed in with the present, is simply joyful. But most of all, the sex scene is rightly famous. There are only two genuinely good sex scenes I can remember seeing in film, and this is one of them. It has that seventies naturalism of real people. Their undress is intercut with them dressing afterwards for dinner – he picks a tie, she pulls on her pants, she is standing in the bathroom as he walks past the door. You see them in their unguarded moments, and the relationship between them is so clear: their sadness, how their presences mix and they share space in a room. I think it is the most intimate sex I have seen in a film.

The other best sex is in Seijun Suzuki’s Branded to Kill. As the couple retires to a loft we can hear their moans, and the camera makes love to the curves of a sixties house.