Creative Commons

I’ve attached Creative Commons license notices to my blog and photo sections. It’s all very well criticizing the current state of copyright, but I can’t have All Rights Reserved scattered about like birdseed. I haven’t bothered to tag the code section of the site; this is purely out of laziness. Besides, I doubt there’s a demand and I have more important things to fix.

I haven’t allowed for commercial use. This is unfortunate – a good market is an important part of where creative works need to be. But I’m not sure I understand all the implications, and with things as they are I am concerned that I might end up subsidizing the very forces I wish to fight. In the long run though, it seems to me that freer commercial use must be the goal. What I would really like to do is to give a choice between non-commercial use or commercial use with the Share-Alike viral clause of the license. I will think about it.